Shiatsu therapist

Shiatsu therapeutic and massage energetic

Trained by André Nahum school, Paris

Certified by the French Federation of Shiatsu, 2009


KOBIDO Facialist

Traditional Japanese Facial

Direct apprentice and licensed by Dr Shogo Mochizuki, 26th generation Master of Kobido house and lineage, Japan.

Vietnamese by my maternal grandmother, I received a double culture and have a relationship with touch since my childhood.

Commercial training, I worked and evolved in a large automotive group, but over the years, I realized that the competition no longer interests me and I wanted to get closer to simpler values, values that match me much more.

I traveled for 1 year in Australia and in Asia, where I received various treatments and massages.

I am naturally attracted to the energies and the Chineses medicine, especially its Japanese declension, Shiatsu.

I followed my training at the school of Mr André Nahum, Master precursor of Shiatsu in France and student of the great Master Tokujiro Namikoshi in Japan. I am trained in Shiatsu Namikoshi, aromatherapy, moxibustion, reflexology and various wellness massage techniques.

Also, direct apprentice and licensed Kobido facialist by Doctor Shogo Mochizuki, the 26th generation Master of the Kobido House and Lineage in Japan.


Experienced professional for almost 10 years, I worked at the Cannes sea baths as Shiatsu and massage therapist, and also perform punctual interventions in palaces, spas and on some yachts on the French Riviera.


I receive you at my institute in Antibes, I am also mobile in Antibes, Cannes, Monaco and surrounding.


I am at your disposal for any request or question. Feel free to contact me.

13 Rue Sadi Carnot         06600 ANTIBES

06 20 58 32 29