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Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is usually given on a futon, you are lying comfortably with loose natural made clothing.

For the comfort of those who have difficulty squatting, Shiatsu can also be implemented on a massage table.

The effect is equivalent to a deep rest, bringing well being, feeling of lightness and calm.

A moment of pure relaxation.

Massage Signature

Shiatsu massage with vegetables and essential oils.

The massage can be strong, deep and muscular eiter soft and relaxing depending of your needs.

It combines the benefits of deep relaxation oils and energy balance.

It will help you free yourself from your physical and mental stress.

Back Shiatsu massage

A combinaison of Shiatsu and massage with vegetable oils will release you from the different tensions and energetic knots in the trapezes, the scapula, the dorsal and the lumbar area.

Shiatsu massage for pregnancy

Shiatsu can help relieve most ailments of pregnancy, including morning sickness, puffy legs, back, neck and shoulder tensions.

It promotes the attachment of the mother with her baby because some techniques include working directly on the uterus and connections with the baby.

Emotionally, it helps the mother to calm down, be confident and trust with respect to birth.

Postnatal Shiatsu is very useful for preventing and treating postnatal depression, offering support for breastfeeding and promote better recovery.

Massage Heaven and Earth

Head, hands and foot reflexology. 

This treatment calm the mind and will give you a deep relaxation.

Korean massage

This technique is based on a relationship of trust to another and the ability to let it go.

It consists of a series of joints mobilization, stretching and muscle bundles encouraging the person to surrender.

Gradually, the relationship of trust develops and the body relaxes, the breath is released, tensions are defused and the mind calms down.

It is practised on a futon and the person is wearing flexible hold.

AMMA (Shiatsu on chair)

This technique is especially designed for business company or for a deep relaxation in a very short time. It seeks to relieve physical tension caused by stress, pressure at work, poor posture (prolonged work computer).

It relaxes the back, arms, shoulders, hands, neck and head.

AMMA is performed fully clothed on ergonomic chair and 20 minutes are enough to give you the tone, vitality and more motivation.

Many businesses use this technique, which provides their staff with better productivity, less absenteeism and a good mood.

Easy to set up as little space is required.

All products are 100 % natural and organic.

 Professionnal non therapeutic massages.

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