Nadège Danniel Shiatsu - Kobido et massage
Nadège Danniel                                                                          Shiatsu - Kobido et massage 

Welcome to my area of energy therapy and wellness massage.

It is from our birth we have a relationship with touch.

The hands of the mother welcome the baby to secure him, to ease him and to communicate.

Over the years, taken by the western life, we lose the concept. Despite its vital need and balancing, touch is all the senses the most repressed. Many people dread the touch and/or being touched.


Modern life requires us to run constantly. The tired body to rest may have no alternative but to fall ill.

To avoid this, it is good to make a pause and take care of yourself.


Shiatsu and massages will help you restore your energy, wellness and vitality.


I receive you at my clinic in Antibes or come to your home, Yacht, Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Saint Tropez.


I am at your disposal for any request or question. Feel free to contact me.

28 Avenue Général Maizière                      06600 ANTIBES

06 20 58 32 29

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